Laminate Flooring

laminate floor 003

Featuring the latest technology product with resistant to daily wear and tear, it enhances the ambiance of the house with the feel of homeliness and comfort. Laminate Floor furnishes you with a complete decorative solution with its variety of patterns that eases the choice of your desired design. It is also scientifically proven without formaldehyde spreading and anti-bacteria allowing you peace of mind.

lockInspired by the contemporary and modern design ideas, Laminate Floor is composed of a MR HDF core which is a moisture resistant, high-density fibre board that is highly durable. It is indeed a floor of choice with the benefits of colours, design and style. The advantages are limitless as they are environmentally friendly, cost effective, hassle-free maintenance, long lasting and non allergenic.

Price including installation & membrane sheet starts from

RM5.50 – RM10.00 with more than 73 wood choices

not included skirting and end profile.

laminate floor*comes with 10-20 years of warranty by factory.

laminate floor 002



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