Wood Table Top

renovation rumah 026

Made of special & high quality raw material, We are offering most versatile solid surface material, limited range of trendy colors & excellent long term performance that are designed for both household & commercial environments; from hotels to healthcare, from retail to marine.

• Durable And Extra Strength
• Environment Friendly And Safety
• Seamless Joints
• Design Flexibility
• Heat Resistant And Fireproofing
• Stain Resistant And Cauterization Resistant
• Comfortable To Touch
• Easy To Process And Simple To Install
• Easy To Care And Repairable If Scratched Or Chipped


• Keep the  surface away from strong
chemicals, like paint cleaning agent, metal cleaning
agent, cooker cleaning agent, ethylene chloride, nail 
polish cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent. If
some strong chemical is left on the surface unfortunately,
use the water to wash the surface immediately.

• Do not have overweight or keen object impact on OvioTop
surface. Do not cut food on the surface directly. Do not
put overweight vessel on the countertop in a long time.
Do not use hot and cold water to clean the surface



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